Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Splurging a Little at Serpentine

I finished my San Francisco eating extravaganza at Serpentine (http://www.serpentinesf.com/) at 2495 Third Street.  I don't know if I was enamored with the modern decor, my wonderful dinner companions, or if I had one too many glasses of Pinot Noir, but I swear I was served bliss.  

Serpentine is a small restaurant with an almost warehouse like feel.  It has a high cement ceiling, with windows that stretch across the upper half of the brick walls.  Simple stools, lining the black counter of the bar, sit on a casual wooden floor.  Despite the seemingly cold ambiance, the gentle lighting brings a warmth and intimacy to the restaurant.

I asked the bartender to help me decide between two items on their eclectic menu.  He suggested that I get one as an appetizer and one as my entree... And when you're company is picking up the tab, why not?

We started out with their tender House Made Potato Gnocchi.  It was served in a rich cream sauce, with baby fava leaves, hedgehog & black trumpet mushrooms, English peas, green garlic, pecorino piccolo, fresh oregano, and breadcrumbs mixed in.  We were splitting it between four people, and I shamefully admit I took a little more than my fair share.  

For my main dish, I went with the Roasted Mary's Chicken.  Yes, it sounds boring, especially on a menu that also has choices like Strawberry Salad with a ginger champagne vinaigrette and Pan Seared Chicken Livers, but I do not regret my decision.  It was the BEST piece of chicken I've ever eaten (sorry Nana)!

The chicken was cooked perfectly—so moist!  It was served over Bacon Roasted Asparagus (it is as good as it sounds), Beech Mushrooms, and was topped with a Sherry Jus.  I had already eaten bread, a good portion of gnocchi, but I still managed to finish this entire roasted chicken. 

Everything I put into my mouth was happiness.  I did not want this meal to end.  Thanks to our generous dinner company, it didn’t.

We finished off our feast with a dessert made of a delicious banana ice cream sandwiched between two soft peanut butter cookies, which all sat on top of a delectable bed of caramel. 

Please!  If you are in San Francisco, eat here!  It is well worth it, even if you just want a great ice cream sandwich.  

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  1. Well it all sounds wonderful... except that pesky peanut butter ice cream sandwich, boo peanut butter.