Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to Boston: Barbecue at Redbones

Sorry for the delay everyone!  I'm back in Boston and I'll be reviewing local restaurants while I'm home.  First up:  Redbones ( in Davis Square.  It's a loud, busy BBQ restaurant in Somerville.

Let me preface this post by saying that this is my boyfriend's favorite restaurant.  Since I've known him, I've heard nothing but praise for this place.

I was not impressed.

We started out with the tasty Corn Fritters.  These treats, served in a saccharine Vermont maple syrup, could have been dessert, despite being listed on their Apps & Sides menu.

I opted for some more sides instead of going for one of their entrées.  I got their Buffalo Scallops, Catfingers, and Mac'N Cheese.

The buffalo scallops were flavorful.... but how can anything smothered in buffalo sauce and blue cheese not be?  They definitely had a kick, so much so that I really couldn't tell that I was eating scallops.  It could have been chicken.. or pork.. or anything.

The catfingers are strips of fried fish.  They also have a lot of spice to them.  They are served with Redbones' homemade tartar sauce, of which I've had better.

My mouth was burning after these two dishes.  Maybe that's why their mac'n cheese didn't have any flavor.

It was probably the most disappointing point of my meal.  This might have been due to my boyfriend overselling it.  As a true lover of cheese, I was so excited to try "the best macaroni and cheese around."  It was very heavy in a buttery way, but there was no taste of cheese.

Although we waited over an hour to be sat, we hardly had to wait at all for our meals.  While we did, we were appeased with their delicious corn bread and butter.  They also have an extensive beer list and drink menu.

To be fair, Redbones specializes in BBQ, and I sampled some of their alternative dishes.  It's popular for a reason, and I have at least a little faith in my boyfriend's taste.  I'm sure he'll be dragging me back soon, so I'll let you know if I have a better experience my second time around.

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