Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seafood and San Fran

My first trip and I lucked out... I was on my way to California.  My coworker, Brendan, and I flew into San Francisco on Tuesday.  Neither one of us had ever been there before, so our first stop was Fisherman's Wharf.  No meals were served on our flights, so despite a quick lunch break during our layover in Chicago, we were starving.  We scouted out a few restaurants on the wharf, and settled on a spot called Neptune's Palace, mainly because of its location right on the water.

We were seated at a table overlooking the bay and enjoyed watching the sea lions and boats on the water.  After getting drinks and having some bread, we ordered a plate of Calamari, which was served with a lemon aioli dip.  Although tasty, the calamari was a little chewy and the dip didn't add much to the dish.

Determined to use the entire food stipend provided by my company, I decided on Fish and Chips, except I swapped out my french fries for a Roasted Veggie Risotto and got a side of Polenta.   Their tartar sauce was delicious, and helped mask the saltiness of the fish, which I didn't notice until my ramekin was empty.  I did not enjoy the risotto.  The lack of creaminess made it taste more like fried rice with some vegetables mixed in instead of a smooth risotto.  The polenta was extremely rich, but being a lover of anything smothered in cheese, I truly enjoyed it.  If you're watching your weight, you probably would want to pass on this one.

The prices were reasonable.  The service was great (although formal).  I enjoyed the view and atmosphere of the restaurant, but was underwhelmed by the food.  You could probably find better fare for a better price right on the wharf, and if you're willing to venture out, you could definitely discover better restaurants in San Francisco.

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