Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not Just Burgers at the Boston Burger Company

If you are on a diet or care about your heart in any way, you probably should not eat here... but if you love your burgers it just might be worth it.

The Boston Burger Company (http://bostonburgerco.com) in Somerville, MA has a crazy array of burgers with pretty much any combination of toppings you can imagine.  They have everything from the Alpine Burger (mushrooms sauteed in a garlic parmesan butter with swiss cheese) to the Artery Clogger (a deep fried, beer battered burger topped with bacon, american cheese, and BBQ sauce).  And just in case you're not the beef type, you can substitute any of their burgers with either a turkey or veggie burger.

They also have some interesting appetizer items (Mac & Cheese Bites anyone?), a collection of eight different sauces to pair with their Boneless Wings, some great chicken sandwich options, and an amazing Fries menu (twelve different kinds).

I went with The Buffalo, a chicken sandwich (you can get it grilled or cutlet style) with lettuce, tomato, crumbled blue cheese and their "special" buffalo sauce.  Just to make sure it was truly unhealthy, I added american cheese and got blue cheese dressing on the side.

I got it cutlet style, so I shouldn't have been surprised that it was dripping in grease.  Once I took a bite though, all my girlish weight worries went out the window.  Their buffalo sauce was creamy, and while there was a good amount poured on my sandwich, it wasn't smothered in the stuff.  Although my extra toppings certainly didn't hurt, there would have been plenty of flavor with just the crumbled blue cheese and buffalo sauce.

I was eating with two burger loving boys, but I gobbled this down before they had made it through their first half.

Luckily we also got their BBC Sweet Potato Fries, which were served with a sugar-cinnamon sauce.  This sauce transformed them into a dessert.  Unfortunately, I was so full at this point I could only indulge in a few.

Next time I will definitely be saving room for either their Pizza Fries or the Buffalo Cheese Fries.

The boys loved their burgers, for which I'm very glad.  Hopefully that means we'll be going back soon.  I will happily clog my arteries a little more to taste their special buffalo sauce again...

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  1. Of course we will be back soon...I mean a fantastic burger joint walking distance from the burger king (me). I need to try at least 132098470328 more of them. We need to load up on chili cheese fries next time though. Also, need to find out what pterodactyl wings are